Everything begins from the kiwisual stone series.

Origin of kiwisual

“kiwisual” is named after Kiwi Chan, who was inspired during the trip to Sichuan and Yunnan in 2004; he created the “kiwisual Artistic Stones” after the trip, in the shapes of oval, cube and triangle. “Where should I put the stones?” Kiwi thought on completion of the series. Meanwhile, he was also picking up photography, finding the fun of RVs, and thinking more and more about establishing a space to meet with friends--- the idea of an artistic space was born. He found a quiet and peaceful corner 20 minutes away from downtown Guangzhou, and built up an ecological and artistic resort there following the inspirations he generated from the many journeys and excursions over the years, with materials of different forms and designs, and in his creative spatial disciplines of “heaven, earth and water”. That was how "1-art valley" was born.

Generating artistic sparkles with kiwisual

What lies in "1-art valley" are Kiwi’s dreams and hobbies. He likes to communicate with people and wants to do something for the local art world. He started inviting internationally renowned artists for cross-over work with the “kiwisual Artistic Stones”, the first being the world’s top mosaic brand Bisazza from Italy; the first round of collaboration was based on the photography works of Kiwi’s trip to Europe in 1988; the stones were covered with mosaic of patterns designed from the photos. International and local artists followed, and respectively conducted cross-over work on two “kiwisual” stones at "1-art valley". Artistic sparkles were generated, contributing more “happening” to the local art scene, and resulting in unique multi-disciplinary artistic works.

You are welcome to join us for the “kiwisual” art projects!