kiwisual Artistic Stones

“1-art holiday""1-art valley", Guangzhou, January 31 2016


A special art holiday was held at "1-art valley" on January 31, 2016, where artists gathered and called one of the first significant art happenings of the city. It was a feast to the eye, full of surprises and fun.

500 artworks exhibition, 40 artistic stones, 10 international artists’ cabin galleries: “1-art holiday” broke through the singular way of ordinary exhibition and showed the diversity and international feature of art, so that the audience could drink in the art from home and abroad in one day.

The audience could found themselves talking to artists from all around the world. What’s more, they could even join the sketching group on the wooden platform by the twin lakes of the resort. Every interested individual could join, no matter professional or amateur. 

The day was consummated by the performance from ButoInSwitzerland Contemporary Art Dance Theatre. The modern dancers presented a “transcendent” improvisation based on the natural and artistic environment, with the artistic stones as props and the theme of “all love finding home eventually”.  

“1-art holiday” provided a spectacular opportunity for art fans to connect to artists and appreciate artworks. More and better is yet to come here at "1-art valley"!