kiwisual Artistic Stones

Shanghai Art FairShanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, November 2016

One exhibition after another came to the famous Shanghai Bund in November this year. “1-art” stood out among the numerous exhibitors with its unique artworks.

“1-art” picked the Shanghai Art Fair of a 20-year history as its stage this time, where thousands of art pieces from 60 cities of the world were shown: traditional Chinese paintings, oil paintings, sculptures, prints, photos and installations— it was an art feast to collectors from home and abroad.

What “1-art” brought impressed the Shanghai audience— the so-called “art veterans” considerably: artistic stone installations presented respectively by pool, sequin, gravel and lawn; an avant-garde series made of torn papers and metal clips by a young movie costume designer from Hong Kong; and the exceptional “Frog King Sandwiched Characters”.