kiwisual Artistic Stones

Joint Exhibition of 4 Artists’ Cross-over kiwisual StonesFang Suo Commune, Guangzhou, December 2014


“New Stone Age--- Joint Exhibition of 4 Artists’ X kiwisual Stones” was held at Fang Suo Commune, Guangzhou from December 20, 2014 to January 10, 2015. The four participating artists were: Spanish artist Carmen Guzman, Hong Kong artist “Frog King” Kwok Mang Ho, Hainan artist Dong Yidian and Guangdong artist Ye Huanwei.


The four artists of different styles have made unique cross-over work on the 3D stones in the shapes of oval, cube and triangle. The four batches of kiwisual stones at Fang Suo Commune was no doubt a feast to the eye and a source of inspiration.