kiwisual Artistic Stones

“Stone Talk” ExhibitionUpperhills, Shenzhen, March 2015
In March-April 2015, New Stone Age·“Stone Talk” Exhibition & Workshop was held at the Show Street of Upperhills, Shenzhen. The event had two parts: namely exhibition and art jams of “kiwisual Artistic Stones”. The exhibition was held at the Show Street that boasted of artistic atmosphere and lasted for a month. On the opening weekend, the participant artists brought 4 art jams to the proprietor families, with 200 guests painting 202 little “kiwisual” stones within 2 days.
Exhibition: 11 “kiwisual” artistic stones were dispersed at different spaces within the Show Street, starting from the entrance ramp. When the guests walked in, it was like a treasure-hunting adventure, and they were in for a feast to the eye.
“kiwisual Artistic Stones” art jams: on the opening weekend, 4 artists hosted 4 art jams for media guests and proprietor families. At each art jam, 50 guests conducted improvised creation on little “kiwisual” stones with the width of 20 centimeters.
It’s the first time “kiwisual Artistic Stones” brought the creation to non-artist individuals, and the result was spectacular; the 202 stone works are precious witnesses to the development of “New Stone Age”. A stone will mean more with your devotion.