【Lakeview Terrace】

Located at the heart of "1-art valley", Lakeview Terrace boasts of the open view of the twin ponds. With an area of 180 square meters, it is equipped with an outdoor karaoke set and tea/dining tables.

【Convention Hall】

The Convention Hall is adjustable for different exhibitions, meetings, camps, and other conventions. With an area of 280 square meters, it can contain up to 300 guests. Projection and audio are available.

【The Lounge】

The VIP room of the resort. The 70-square-meter private area is fantastic for meetings as well as hangouts. Facilities include a 60-inch hi-fi PC screen and high-quality audio system.

【The Studio】

55-square-meter, equipped with a 60-inch hi-fi PC screen, and perfect for artistic creation, meetings and DIY workshops.

【The Cosmo】

Optical fiber on the ceiling, pink champagne on ice. 130 square meters, professional a/v system: an ideal hangout spot.

【DIY Cooking】

You could pick vegetables at the farm and then come here to cook for family and friends. 70 square meters, with professional kitchenware.

【Changing Rafts】

Made of 20 rafts of 3 x 3 meters each, adjustable for different shapes: a stage, or just a sampan.

【Log Cabins】

There are 10 log cabins at "1-art valley", all with standard twin beds, independent bathrooms and balconies. They are great inspiration for art and creative writing.

【RV Camps】

【The Containers】

The two container houses are styled in European architectural fashion, keen to give you a luxurious experience.