kiwisual Artistic Stones Exhibitions

Art Canton 2016Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo, September 2016
It was the first time that “1-art” took part in Art Canton on Sep 23-26, 2016, showcasing its “kiwisual Artistic Stones”, as well as oil paintings and contemporary ink works of its artists in collaboration. Art Canton is the most premium art fair in Southern China. International collectors, curators, institutions, councils were attracted to the show, as well as professional art media and diverse television programs.
During the 4-day fair, the audience had been impressed with the artistic stones and paintings of “1-art”. At “1-art gallery”, the stones and paintings were exhibited together, making the booth one of the most eye-catching booths of the whole show. The “Floating Stones” installation was one of the most popular exhibits. The parents and young audience loved the new, interactive and friendly stones. Everybody was fascinated by the diverse and unique styles of our artists with international competence, unique techniques and potentials. “1-art” got the attention of a number of international artists, galleries and organizations, who claimed keen interest in collaboration on the artistic stones project.
The crossover creation of “1-art” undoubtedly had led the trend of installation art and artistic diversity at Art Canton 2016.